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"Quality" - an attribute that is in high demand in today's society and is steadily gaining in importance across all markets. This development moved the Bundesverband Golfanlagen e.V. to create an instrument that makes quality on golf courses objectively measurable. The protected brand "The International Golf Stars Classification", introduced in 2005, offers a clear market positioning, a transparent quality management and an optimization of the own marketing strategy.


The evaluation criteria - objective and transparent

The evaluation catalog of "The International Golf Stars Classification" consists of two parts, the minimum criteria and the actual survey questionnaire. The survey sheet is subdivided into 12 meta-criteria, which in turn are subdivided into several sub-criteria. In total, the survey sheet has over 200 different evaluation units. Each individual star category (10 categories from 1* to 5* Superior) thus places its own special demands on the golf facility to be classified and requires a higher number of points from category to category. All areas of the golf facility are examined according to objectively measurable criteria.


Determination of the guidelines

The expert commission of "The International Golf Stars Classification" defines the evaluation criteria and modalities in a binding manner and ensures their international applicability. The expert commission meets at regular intervals in order to adapt all framework conditions of the brand to the dynamics of the market. This ensures that "The International Golf Stars Classification" is always up to date with the latest market developments.


Objectivity, voluntariness and transparency

"The International Golf Stars Classification" is carried out on a voluntary basis according to transparent and objectively measurable criteria. Each golf course decides for itself whether it wishes to be classified. Without any risk or liability, each interested golf facility can determine its individual star category in advance by processing the survey questionnaire and then make its decision regarding participation.


Who classifies?

The implementation and execution of the classification is carried out by external and independent auditors, who have many years of experience in the golf business and must also pass a selection procedure developed by the Bundesverband Golfanlagen e.V.. This ensures the highest level of professionalism and competence.


Quality assurance

Ensuring quality standards is an important part of golf course classification. In concrete terms, the Bundesverband Golfanlagen e.V. uses mystery checks here. Experienced experts from the golf industry use the current survey questionnaire and regular test visits to check compliance with the requirements and guidelines of golf course classification. Weak points and optimization potentials are thus continuously identified. This ensures that the quality of the golf facility always meets the current needs and requirements of the golf market.



Step 1: Fill out and submit the application and sign the classification contract


Step 2: Sending of the completed minimum criteria and survey form


Step 3: Verification of the minimum criteria and the survey form


Step 4: Coordination of appointments and inspection of the golf course by independent inspectors


Step 5: Review and evaluation of all documents and preparation of a final report by the Bundesverband Golfanlagen e.V. (German Golf Course Owners Association)


Step 6: Upon successful classification, receipt of the official classification certificate and the decorative classification sign to be displayed in the golf facility






In order to do justice to the current development in the golf market, the Bundesverband Golfanlagen e.V. (Federal Association of Golf Courses) has created the short course seal as an instrument for addressing the target group of "golf beginners". The awarding of this quality seal serves golf courses with a short course (3 to 9 holes) to transparently address this target clientele. The responsible persons of golf courses with short courses have the possibility to take up an even clearer position on the market by this instrument. The short course seals are awarded in the categories gold, silver and bronze and are to be achieved through specified minimum scores.











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