The International Golf Stars Classification

A head start through quality

General information

Introduced in 2005, the registered trademark „The International Golf Stars Classification“ offers golf course operators not only clear market positioning and transparent quality management, but also optimisation of their own marketing strategy.


The assessment catalogue consists of two parts, the minimum criteria and the survey questionnaire. The survey questionnaire is divided into 12 metacriteria, which in turn are subdivided into several sub-criteria. In total, the questionnaire has over 200 different evaluation units.


The expert commission defines the evaluation criteria and modalities in a binding manner and ensures their international applicability. The expert commission meets at regular intervals to adapt all the brand‘s framework conditions to the dynamics of the market. This ensures that the golf course classification is always up to date with the latest market developments.


The golf course classification is conducted on a voluntary basis according to transparent and objectively measurable criteria. Each golf course decides for itself whether it wishes to be classified.


Have you ever been on holiday in a star hotel?


With the radiance of hotel stars, guests from home and abroad are given a promise of quality in terms of quality, service and price in the best viable way.

  • As hotel classification opens improved sales opportunities for accommodation providers through more defined product positioning.
  • As domestic and foreign guests demand a reliable overview of hotels, especially medium-sized businesses.
  • As hotel stars represent the range of services at first glance and are therefore often the basis for booking decisions on digital booking tools.



The International Golf Stars Classification offers you the same for your golf facility! Regardless of which star segment you are in.




To do justice to the current development in the golf market, the Bundesverband Golfanlagen e.V. has created an instrument to address the target group of „golf beginners“ with the short course seal. The award of this quality seal helps golf courses with a short course (3 to 9 holes) to address customers in a transparent manner. This instrument gives those responsible for golf courses with short courses the opportunity to adopt an even clearer position on the market. The short course seals are awarded in gold, silver and bronze and can be achieved by scoring a minimum number of points. The short course seals can also be awarded independently of „The International Golf Stars Classification“.

Information brochure


Step 1

Submission of the application

Step 2

Review of the survey questionnaire

Step 3

On-site appointment with inspector

Step 4

Performing the classification and submitting the official result to the Bundesverband Golfanlagen e.V.

Step 5

Postal delivery of the official classification plaque, the certificate of honour and the representative flag

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